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Meet the Team

Proud to have such an awesome team. Energetic, intelligent and fun to work with. Looking forward to our ongoing work adventures supporting our expanding client base. Kia Kaha!

Leadership Team

Graham Nel: Managing Director

Natasha Maritz: Client Engagement Manager 


September 2020 - Welcome to our four new team members

Ben File: Seismic restraint installer

Jay HarveySeismic restraint installer

Priya NeupaneSeismic restraint installer

Sam GunningSeismic restraint installer



Lance CrotonSeismic restraint technician 

Liz Auchter: Seismic restraint technician 

Jaco Scheepers: Seismic restraint installer

Chris Furgeland: Seismic restraint installer


Auckland Based Team 

Eric Donson: Seismic restraint installer

Lester Nel: Seismic restraint installer


Previous Interns 

Steffi Sentheim: Intern Prepare & Survive Marketing

Nina Pier: Client emergency plans

Dennis Langelaan: Intern HSWA

Kolien Pleijsant: Intern Multimedia

Frank Olymulder: Intern Marketing

Nick Kroon: QuakeFlex® design validation


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