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Our Values

Our provide a simple and effective frame work for decision making and performance monitoring in every aspect of the business. The follow are examples of how our products and services integrate into our values framework.


Seismic safety is constantly evolving seeking better solutions and technologies.  Developing QuakeFlex® as a world class earthquake restraint for building contents in just one example or our commitment to innovation. 


Safety is our business. We include a hazard management plan and associated toolbox meetings for the team on all jobs. To date we have not suffered any loss of productivity due to work related injuries.


We independently quality check every seismic restraint installation.  We use a traffic light quality control stickers to highlight the status of restrained items. 


Most goods and services related to QuakeFlex® are sourced from the Wellington region to support local the economy. This significantly reduces costs and carbon emissions. As part of our sustainability ethos, we support local businesses and organisations to become more resilient. We give back to the community supporting charities and developing the next generation of entrepreneurs.