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Comprehensive Safety Solutions Offer

We are multi award winning earthquake safety specialists, pioneering industry best practice for over a decade. Service provider of choice to Government Departments, Corporates, Cultural Groups, Laboratories, Medical Facilities & pre-schools across New Zealand & the United Nations in the Pacific.

Our services are aligned with the HSWA defined risk management processes guiding our clients on a pathway to meaningful safety improvements and HSWA compliance.

 Engineering best practice

We are members of the NZ Society of Earthquake Engineering and Natural Hazards Inc. This provides access to the latest advancements in earthquake safety as well as a peer review and support network for new products and services. We apply NZS-4104 requirements as a minimum standard.

 Area of expertise

We provide a comprehensive safety solution for sudden onset emergencies including earthquake, Tsunami and fire to ensure life safety and expedite recovery of key business functions. 

Lab Restraints.NZ is a new subsidiary of Disaster Prepare Ltd specialising in seismic restraints for Laboratories with extensive experience in PC2 & PC3 Labs with some PC4 work. We provide NZS-4104 compliant seismic restraints to protect expensive Lab equipment and ensure bio containment.


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Graduated implementation 

Funding is often a barrier to completing initial seismic safety installations. A graduated pathway to compliance is a scheduled program of installation works, completed over a period of time. We create a bespoke solution to suit your budget and operational requirements.

Typically, we will prioritize the high-risk items for installation first and defer less hazardous items to the end of the program. This pragmatic approach has proven helpful to support the business case to obtain funding.

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