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Earthquake Safety Professionals

Disaster Prepare Ltd are multi award winning earthquake safety professionals based in Wellington. We are trusted suppliers of earthquake safety services to government departments, cultural groups, corporates and medical facilities in New Zealand and the United Nations in the Pacific. 

Professional memberships

Members of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering, Natural Hazards Inc. and Pacific Exporters Network.


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Area of expertise

We provide a full range of earthquake safety services. This includes design, manufacture and installing seismic restraints for building contents and staff safety training.  Our patented QuakeFlex® seismic restraints are exported to several clients in Australia, including an OEM fit out of Australia’s largest hospital. More about us.

November 2016 Kaikoura Earthquakes - Seismic restraint validation

As part of our quality assurance programme, we reviewed hundreds of our seismic restraint installations following the November 2016 earthquakes. None of the items we restrained were damaged, enabling our clients to rapidly restore business operations. Had the quakes occurred during business hours, they would have prevented serious injury or worse in many instances.  

Visiting new clients as part of our free earthquake recovery service also highlighted multiple failures seismic restraints installed by a handyman, builder or removal company. Some of these failures could have resulted in significant life safety issues and HSWA liability consequences.


Our Business Excellence Achievements