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Seismic Structural Health Monitoring

Founding partner

Global Seismic Data delivers a cost-effective Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS), providing actual building performance in close to real-time.

Wellington based software as a service company, integrating innovation, technology and structural engineering into a single professional solution with our industry partners.

We work with leading engineers and have a shareholder mix of technology & natural hazards sector experts.


Earthquakes are a global hazard which pose a threat to life and cause significant business interruption and social upheaval.


Traditional building occupancy decisions are largely based on engineer’s inspection which could take weeks or months.

Access to building performance data would enable rapid informed decision making. Until now, this has been too expensive to be widely deployed.


SHMS™ continuously monitors infrastructure or building frequency, ambient noise, movement and behaviour to millimetre accuracy. This gives your building a measurable pulse.

Almost real-time alerting

Online and mobile phone app alerting with data within minutes after an event for you, your engineer and other stakeholders.

Rapid informed building occupancy decisions promotes:

  •  Lifesaving stay or evac decisions in minutes
  •  Reduced business interruption
  •  Prevents unnecessary evacuations
  •  Co-ordination of emergency response
  •  HSWA Compliance

Data & Reporting

  • Customisable access, dashboards/views to suit building owners, tenants, engineers and insurers.
  • Dashboard view of your individual building or an entire portfolio
  • Depth of reporting from Executive Summary level to full engineering analysis.


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