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Seismic restraints

NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE - Quality assurance programme

As part of our quality assurance programme, we reviewed hundreds of our seismic restraint installations following the November 2016 earthquakes. None of the items we restrained were damaged, enabling our clients to rapidly restore business operations. Had the quakes occurred during business hours, they would have prevented serious injury or worse in many instances.  

Visiting new clients as part of our free earthquake recovery service also highlighted multiple failures seismic restraints installed by a handyman, builder or removal company. Some of these failures could have resulted in significant life safety issues and HSWA liability consequences.

What should be restrained?

Seismic restraint for building contents is governed by NZS - 4104 standards. General considerations for seismic restraint of building contents include proximity to exit routes and doorways, height and weight of objects, proximity to glass, frequently occupied areas and business continuity.



We applied the lessons from Christchurch to develop our award winning QuakeFlex® seismic restraints. Our patented design flexes during a quake to help dissipate seismic forces.  This reduces energy transfer between the building contents and the building. This reduces potential damage to the building, keeping you safer in a quake.

Seismic restraint service

We supply and install NZS-4104 compliant seismic restraints to make your workplace safer and provide supporting documentation to help you demonstrate due diligence for HSWA purposes. Our seismic restraint services include: 

  • Seismic restraint options include our award winning QuakeFlex® seismic restraints
  • Custom design, manufacture and installation of seismic restraints
  • Independent quality control and tagging
  • Hazard management plans
  • Project completion WOF and exception report helps demonstrate due diligence for HSWA compliance purposes.

Implementation options

Cost of safety can be a significant barrier to addressing life safety and with HSWA requirements.  We tailor packages to meet client requirements and budgets.  Options include

  • Most work starts with a safety audit to document hazards and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Staged roll out options focusing on higher risk areas initially.
  • Building capability over a number of years.
  • Service level agreements with easy monthly payments?


Corporate office builders botch job - disaster waiting to happen for a 600 kg book shelf

DIY Seismic restraint fail

 Correctly fitted seismic restraints save lives! Are yours correctly fitted?