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Links to emergency planning resouces

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Emergency planning links updated July 2018 here – please advise if links are not working.

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Resources for your workplace

Tsunami posters

Emergency planning

Helping people with disabilities get prepared

Blind partially sighted resources – Audio MP3 resources

Prepare your home and family

Make a plan

Household planning PDF

Help your family survive the first few seconds with QuakeFlex® Home Value Pack for $119.60

How to earthquake strengthen your home

Check your foundations to quake strengthen you home

CD audio alert sound

Wellington specific

Wellington Tsunami Zone Maps

Purchase 200L water barrels from GWRC

My walk home route to Tawa

Christchurch specific

Chch Tsunami sirens

Chch Tsunami maps

Auckland specific

Auckland Tsunami maps

Auckland hazard information

What to do in a sudden onset emergency

New Zealand – Nation wide - Tsunami map links


We encourage maximising the use of every day carry items as survival tools. I have included links to the survival apps we recommend and discuss during training.

Life360 - The New Family Circle

Red Cross first aid app

AED locator app

Emergency equipment

Corporate Airline Travel Kit - $99

Survive-It Ltd supply a full range of emergency equipment

First Aid Training – Life Care Consultants

DSPA – Fantastic firefighting technology

Compact portable smoke hoods – Keep breathing

Water filters – Compact and affordable


Here are 2 torches I recommended and use on a daily basis. Links below include free shipping. If the links have expired just google them by name.

Top pick. Olight SR 1 Baton – 0.5 – 900 lumen Run time 15days on 0.5 lumen down to 50minutes on max setting. Although not a head torch it can easily clip onto a cap to be used as a head torch

Olight H1R Nova - 2 – 600 Lumen (head torch and hand held) Run time 6 days on 2 lumen down to 80 minutes on 600 Lumen

Great features

  • Compact – rugged - waterproof
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Massive run time on low settings
  • Very bright setting if needed
  • Strobe function
  • Flat tail cap allows then to stand upright
  • Magnetic base very useful
  • USB recharging
  • Belt clip and lanyard


The S1 Baton and H1 Nova are not rechargeable – make sure you select the SR1 Baton or HR1 Nova for rechargeable versions.

They function with the supplied CR123R (rechargeable) and the standard CR123A disposable batteries. These batteries are not cheap so would recommend extra cost to buy the rechargeable torches.

EBay shopping

These can be found marginally cheaper elsewhere – but most don’t ship from USA and NZ Post You Shop will not send them to NZ because of the magnet in the base of the torch. Don’t be concerned about shipping from China…Olight’s are made in China.