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Specialist Laboratory Services


 Specialist Laboratory Services

 Lab Restraints.NZ is a subsidiary of Disaster Prepare Ltd specialising in seismic restraints for laboratories with extensive experience in PC2 & PC3 laboratories.

Areas of expertise

Initial Seismic Safety Assessment

Assess building contents based on NZS-4104 “Seismic Restraint of Building Contents” requirements.

Seismic Restraints

Install NZS-4104 compliant seismic restraints to protect expensive Lab equipment, ensure bio containment and HSWA compliance. 

Our revolutionary Seismic-Rail-System® provides a flexible quick release solution to enable laboratory staff to reposition equipment as needed, eliminating single use adhesive Lab restraints. Bench top or wall mounted. They span the full length of all laboratory benches to provide maximum flexibility for equipment placement.

Project Consulting

We engage with clients in the planning stage to avoid costly seismic remedial action. Example specifications include:

  • Ensure benches are engineered to withstand seismic loading of the heavy items braced to them
  • Ensure flexible gas, water and drainage fittings fixed to Lab equipment
  • Wall design to withstand seismic loading of equipment braced to them
  • Large specialist floor mounted items braced by equipment supplier during installation

Compliance reporting

Project completion and exception report provides a record of completed works for compliance reporting. Exception reporting identifies additional items that require seismic restraints particularly where works are being conducted in multiple phases.

Custom Cable Solutions

We design and manufacture custom cable solutions on site to ensure a perfect fit. Cable solutions range from heavy duty cross bracing for bio safety cabinets to unobtrusive quick release mini cable restraints for microscopes.



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