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Initial Seismic Safety Assessment

Multi Hazard Approach

Our multi hazard approach checks your existing earthquake safety preparations and recommend risk mitigation options with cost estimates.  This includes:

  • Recommend appropriate seismic restraint control measures with costings

  • Seismic restraint solutions to meet HSWA and  NZS-4104 “seismic restraint of building contents” requirements

  • Highlight potential hazards surrounding the building such as Tsunami zones, liquefaction, slope failures, flooding, earthquake prone buildings and other man made hazards

  • Recommends post-earthquake evacuation options based on surrounding hazards

  • Civil Defence kit review

  • Staff safety training assessment

  • Cost $499 plus $99 per additional floor (Shake Out 2022 special pricing if booked prior to 28 Oct 2022)

  • Standard $625 plus $149 per additional floor

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Case Study

Most businesses default to their standard fire evacuation plans following and earthquake. Most assembly points are inappropriate for earthquake evacuations due to secondary hazards including: Tsunami zones, falling glass, concrete or adjacent earthquake prone buildings.



A shop front collapsed in the earthquake in Christchurch

Great for a winter fire evacuation – not so great in an earthquake.



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