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Service Level Agreements

“ALWAYS READY” Service level agreement

We provide ongoing support to proactively manage earthquake related hazards to aid life safety and HSWA compliance.

Large workplaces are a dynamic environment with frequent staff changes and equipment updates. On average 6-8 percent of office fittings are replaced or moved each year. Accordingly regular maintenance of seismic restraints are required to prevent degradation of seismic safety programs over time.

Additionally, earthquakes are recognised by WorkSafe NZ as a workplace, which therefore requires officers and persons conducting a business to proactively manage earthquake related hazards.

Our earthquake risk reduction strategy integrates several key elements. These include:             

  • Scheduled WOF inspections and supporting documentation to facilitate informed decision making and demonstrate due diligence for HSWA purposes.
  • NZS-4104 Seismic restraint maintenance to reduce earthquake related hazards to improve life safety and reduce property damage to enable a faster recovery of business operations.
  • Annual staff safety training to respond appropriately during and after an earthquake
  • Provide fixed cost option for ease of budgeting