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Service Level Agreements

Service level agreement

Delivering multiple services as a managed safety solution integrating life safety, business continuity and HSWA compliance.

Client benefits include:   

  • Administrative efficiencies reducing correspondence, quotes and purchase orders 

  • Convenient OPEX monthly payments for ease of budgeting  

  • Continuity of earthquake safety programs in the event of client staff turnover  

  • Reduced earthquake related hazards to improve life safety  

  • Reduced property damage to enable a faster recovery of business operations 

  • More effective emergency response with Online Staff Safety Training

  • Documentation to demonstrate due diligence for HSWA compliance purposes 

  • Comply with - Duty to maintain effective control measures

 Service options

 Flexible services options include one or more of the following options:

  • Scheduled seismic WOF inspections

  • Seismic restraint maintenance 

  • Staff safety training

  • Supporting documentation for HSWA due diligence

  • Monthly safety poster programme

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