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Community Service Project for Life Flight Trust

"Thanks so much to the team at Survive-It and Disaster Prepare Ltd for their generous donation of time and resources to ensure our air rescue base is fully prepared when a natural disaster strikes. Knowing everything is safe and secure allows us to fully concentrate on getting out to help the community during a challenging time. We experienced this already following the Kaikoura earthquakes. We were grateful to arrive at base to find everything standing and safe so we could quickly go about our work."

Blair Frampton - Quality and Safety Manager - The Life Flight Trust




Community Service Project for Mana Montessori School

"Safety first!! The team from Disaster Prepare Ltd have improved the way that our furniture and fittings are secured in an earthquake. The Disaster Prepare people were absolutely brilliant, very helpful and throughout and cam up with great solutions for all our quandaries."

Nicola Dickie - Head of School - Mana Montessori


Safer Tamariki - Priceless

 Client testimonials

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

"UNISDR and Disaster Prepare teamed up with Learn Fast NZ and SPTO to undertake disaster preparedness and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) training with 11 small owner operated resorts in the remote area of Yasawa island chain in Fiji. A highly successful workshop overall having good impact in changing the operational behaviour of resort management so that they can identify hazards and adopt appropriate strategies to mitigate the effects of such hazards on their resorts. 

In times of disasters these resorts are first responders and rely on their own ability to manage a crisis. Graham was excellent in explaining complex ideas in a way that the local audience could understand.  This really helped maintain their interest and attention throughout the three days, which is no easy feat, which allowed them to create their own BCPs and put into action straight away.  He was highly professional and culturally sensitive, and his wide range of experience made provided excellent real life stories for people to understand the topic even more."

Timothy Wilcox - Sub-Regional Coordinator (Pacific) at UNISDR


Clemenger BBDO

“We contacted Disaster Prepare to give us a full audit of our offices to ensure the safety of everyone in our building. Graham provided us with a very detailed programme which included not only securing office equipment and furniture but essential training for our staff in our building but also at home.

Not only did they provide the advice that we asked for but also expert opinions in other areas which we were happy to undertake. Detailed knowledge gives us and our employees confidence that we are as prepared as we can be in the event of an emergency.  The work Graham and his team have done is fantastic – they are very tidy and thorough.”

Amanda Sellers – Finance Director


Impac Services Ltd

“Graham came recommended as someone who brought a different perspective to understanding seismic risk. As risk and safety consultants ourselves I appreciated Graham’s approach. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, innovative and sincere. We used Graham to undertake an assessment and subsequently got him to QuakeSafe our more vulnerable office furniture. I will certainly recommend him to clients.

At a time of great uncertainty and misinformation about seismic risk it was a pleasure to work with someone who tells it like it is, recognises the practical limitations as to what we can achieve, but then helps us to make the most of our investment.”

Mike Cosman – Managing Director


Crombie Lockwood

“Personable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and keen to find a reasonable and equitable solution to prepare you better for a disaster.  Graham provided a detailed risk analysis report and recommendations on a suitable emergency kit for my office. He also secured the contents of my home to prevent movement in a shake.  This is the kind of service that I hope I never have to rely on – if I do it will probably have saved my life or that of my family!”

James Shearing – Senior Risk Advisor


Island Bay Medical Centre

“I can recommend Graham Nel and his company Disaster Prepare Limited without equivocation. He quake proofed our building and the work was done on time and to the highest professional standard. In addition he designed new housing for our servers which now happily function in cage, itself quake proofed and which allows air to circulate in and around them so we no longer have heat build up. In addition the cage allows the servers to be locked away providing additional security for our patient data base and commercially sensitive information." Hired more than once.

Kevin Rowlatt, Practice Manager


Fragomen Immigration

“Graham undertook work to earthquake-ready our office in a high-rise in Wellington. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and commitment to getting everything tied down, whilst still making things usable for us.”   Hired more than once.

Karen Justice, Principal


Creative Mouse Design

“We asked Graham to secure our office equipment and furniture in preparedness for any quake that may occur. We were very happy with the results, a very tidy job. Graham explained the various methods and equipment choices so we were informed. I feel much happier now that our office is a safer environment and our equipment has a much greater chance of staying exactly where it is in the event of a quake.”

Nick McFall, Principal


Marlborough Street Childcare Centre

“Graham was very professional, thorough and most helpful in suggesting ways we could secure some of our equipment in the event of a major earthquake. In particular the clip he used on the microwave made it very secure and user friendly to remove for cleaning.  I would highly recommend Graham and his team at Disaster Prepare.”

Helen Curtis – Office Manager


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