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4 Step Seismic Safety Programme

Boost your chances of surviving an earthquake.  Our 4 step seismic safety programme provides a seamless service to ensure you have no unforeseen gaps in your plan.

The programme usually includes all 4 modules although each module can be used as a stand-alone package.

1. Earthquake safety audit

Make better informed decisions about your emergency planning. GNS Sciences, corporates and medical facilities have used our earthquake safety audits as part of their earthquake safety programs.

The audit includes:

  • Options to reduce the risk of injury to building users.
  • Safeguards to ensure access from and into the building.
  • Check existing seismic restraints (if any)meet NZS-4104 standards.
  • Highlight specific hazards such as Tsunami zones, ground shaking, liquefaction, slip hazards etc.
  • Identify seismic safety considerations relating to building evacuation assembly points.
  • Review staff training requirements.

Cost from $499 for a typical single floor office.  Add $149 per addtional floor. Larger faciites by negotiation.

2. Seismic restraints

Properly installed seismic restraints reduce the risk of serious injury or being trapped in your building. If it’s big, heavy or irreplaceable you need to secure it.

We professionally secure heavy items to NZS-4104 standards. We offer a wide range of seismic safety solutions including our award winning our patented QuakeFlex® seismic restraints.  QuakeFlex® e-brochure.

3. Staff safety training

Most people know to Drop – Cover – Hold - but what do you do when the shaking stops? Our training philosophy is based on what to do in the seconds, minutes, hours and days following an earthquake.

Following the 2013 Wellington earthquakes, most CBD workers immediately evacuated their building using  standard fire evacuation procedures. This inadvertently exposed them to additional hazards of falling glass and concrete, and placed them directly in a Tsunami inundation zone.

Earthquake survival training includes your site specific hazards:

  • What to do – what not to do?
  • Stay or evacuate decision making?
  • Alternative evacuation options from your building?
  • Where to go once you have evacuated?
  • How do you get home?
  • Family preparedness

We are working with UNISDR, and Learn.Fast Pacific to deliver a Resilient Resort Programme to small holiday resorts in the Pacific Islands.

4. Annual warrant of fitness

Ongoing support service for existing clients to verify the integrity of their seismic safety programme. We check installed restraints are still correctly fitted and report on any new items that may need securing. This service cost $249 plus $99 additional per floor. 

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