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4 Step Seismic Safety Programme

Our 4 step seismic safety programme proactively mitigates earthquake related hazards to aid life safety and HSWA compliance.

1. Earthquake safety audit

Make better informed decisions about your emergency planning. GNS Sciences, corporates and medical facilities have used our earthquake safety audits as part of their earthquake safety programs.

The audit includes recommendations to address:

  • Equipment that require seismic restraint
  • Safeguarding emergency egress routes 
  • Existing seismic restraints (if any)meet NZS-4104 standards
  • Surrounding area hazards including Tsunami zones, liquefaction, quake prone buildings etc
  • Seismic safety considerations for assembly points
  • Review staff training requirements
  • Implementation strategy

Cost $499 Plus $149 per floor. Larger facilities by negotiation.

2. Seismic restraints

Properly installed seismic restraints reduce the risk of serious injury or being trapped in your building. If it’s big, heavy or irreplaceable you need to secure it.

We professionally secure heavy items to NZS-4104 standards. We offer a wide range of seismic safety solutions including our award winning our patented QuakeFlex® seismic restraints.  QuakeFlex® e-brochure.

3. Staff safety training

We prioritise decisive actions for the seconds, minutes, hours and days following a sudden onset event such as earthquake, Tsunami and fire.   .

Training includes your site specific hazards:

  • What to do – what not to do?
  • Tsunami zones
  • Stay or evacuate decision making?
  • Alternative evacuation options from your building?
  • Where to go once you have evacuated?
  • How do you get home?
  • Get home kit
  • Family preparedness
  • Survival and communication apps
  • Post quake safest walk home route planning

4. “ALWAYS READY” Service level agreement

"Always Ready" SLA proactively manages emergency safety hazards and compliance with a convenient monthly fee.

Scheduled staff safety training and safety audits help mitigate unforeseen hazards in dynamic environments with frequent staff changes and equipment updates.   

Service level agreements are flexible and can include one or more of the following options:

  • Scheduled seismic WOF inspections

  • Seismic restraint maintenance 

  • Staff safety training

  • Supporting documentation for HSWA due diligence

  • Monthly safety poster programme

  • Daylight saving clock changes

  • Custom options 

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