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About us

Earthquake safety professionals

Multi-award winning earthquake safety professionals and trusted suppliers of earthquake safety services to Government Departments, Civil Defence and medical facilities.  

Area of expertise

We specialise in the often overlooked area of seismic safety for building contents. Our 4 step seismic safety programme includes earthquake safety audits, supply and installation of seismic restraints, staff safety training annual earthquake warrant of fitness updates.


Earthquakes are recognised as a workplace hazard. The following is an excerpt from the WorkSafe NZ position statement - 

"HSWA applies to how you manage hazards arising from objects in and around workplace buildings. These are not covered by the Building Act. We expect you to proactively identify and manage these types of workplace hazards on a regular and ongoing basis. Failing to do so will receive attention from us as the regulator and it could also result in serious harm."

What should be restrained?

Seismic restraint for building contents is governed by NZS -4104 standards. General considerations for seismic restraint of building contents include proximity to exit routes and doorways, height and weight of objects, proximity to glass, frequently occupied areas and business continuity.

Innovative product design

We applied the lessons from Christchurch to develop our award winning QuakeFlex® seismic restraints. Our patented design flexes during a quake to help dissipate seismic forces.  This reduces energy transfer between the building contents and the building. This reduces potential damage to the building, keeping you safer in a quake.

Professional memberships

Membership of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering and Natural Hazards Inc. provides  access to the latest technical data and safety bulletins from the Christchurch and Japanese earthquakes.

Values driven

We are a values driven business putting people first. Our values of innovation, safety, quality and sustainability guide business decisions from planning to operations.