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Links to disaster planning information and resources

Emergency planning links updated June 2020 – please advise if links are not working.

Note :

  • We do not sell or make any commission on the products listed.  Prices are an indication only and are likely to change over time.

  • The apps and equipment are a personal preference.

  • Products have been tested in adverse conditions

  • They are robust and fit for purpose.

  • Trade Me or eBay supply great used items - particularly expensive items like Gore-Tex

  • Contact us with questions or suggestions 

  • Prices are a rough guide

Resources for your workplace

Tsunami posters

Emergency planning

Helping people with disabilities get prepared

People with disabilities – how to prepare work book

Prepare your home and family

Escape a fire in your home - virtual reality tool - must see

Make a plan

Household planning PDF

Help your family survive the first few seconds with QuakeFlex® Home Value Pack for $119.60

Earthquake sensing cupboard latches - $17.50

Emergency plan for pets

Emergency equipment and supplies for your home

How to earthquake strengthen your home

Check your foundations to quake strengthen your home

CD audio alert sound

Easy walk home kit option see bottom of this page

Water storage and filtering

The following is a excerpt from Wellington Water's website.

Wellington’s water supply network is vulnerable. After a significant earthquake many parts of our region may be without water for more than 100 days. 

We're working with local councils and government to help make sure Wellington's communities are prepared, and ready to recover from a significant earthquake. Everyone has a role to play in being prepared.


Purchase 200L water barrels from GWRC

10 litre water container - $21 - best size for storage and wide mouth for easy refilling - Best overall container

5 litre water container - $6.27 - easy to lift and carry and lift but not ideal for emergency refilling

Water purifying jug - $69 - be wary of using other water filter jugs from retail outlets - they my not remove bacteria and viruses 375l per filter

Large water storage tanks

Water filters – Compact and affordable

Wellington specific

Wellington Tsunami Zone Maps - Zoom out to see greater Wellington region

Purchase 200L water barrels from GWRC

Red Cross hazard app - Receive alerts using the this app - It requires you to customise settings to work correctly.

Christchurch specific

Chch Tsunami sirens

Chch Tsunami maps

Auckland specific

Auckland Tsunami maps

Auckland hazard information

What to do in a sudden onset emergency

Subscribe to Auckland Civil Defence alerts

Auckland tsunami sirens

Hamilton specific

Waikato regional hazard info 

22 Natural Hazards - Hamilton City Council 

Southland specific

Southland Natural Hazards

New Zealand – Nation wide

Tsunami map links


We encourage maximising the use of every day carry items as survival tools. I have included links to the survival apps we recommend and discuss during training. 

Life360 - The New Family Circle

Earthquake prone building app

Red Cross first aid app  

Red Cross hazard app - Receive alerts using this app - It requires you to customise settings to work correctly.

AED locator app

Get Home Safe - Personal  Safety App - free download Apple or Android

GeoNet IOS app - Android App

Simple walk home bag solution 

Top tip - Buy quality second hand or include unused items you already own to keep costs down.

  • Small backpack - spray with waterproofing Nikwax 

  • Decent shoes, socks and jacket

  • Medication

  • Power Cap - hat with head torch under $25 from Bunnings

  • 2 x 600 ml pump water bottles

  • Corporate Airline Travel Kit - $99  contains many of the items listed in my walk home kit below is cheaper than purchasing items individually

  • Emergency food - portable long lasting affordable


  • Avoid cotton clothing for emergency use.  You are very likely to get hypothermia if is gets wet.

  • Do not use dynamo crank torch/radio combos.  They are unreliable.

  • Avoid muesli bars or snack bars.  They do not have a long shelf life or have been eaten by the kids.

Products and equipment used by Disaster Prepare team 

Everyday carry items 

Olight SR 1 Baton – 0.5 – 900 lumen - see more under torches below

Car rescue tool - 3 in 1 Glass breaker - cutter and whistle - $23

Survival heat reflective jacket - $13.80

Compact portable smoke hood – $55 

Leatherman Sidekick - $145

Kevlar gloves 

Face Shield $20 - depending where you get them

Emergency whistle  $23 - remove paper scroll - ideal to store small tablets / cash 

Emergency walk home bag


  • This is designed to be a compact lightweight bag for rapid evacuation (running) from Tsunami Zones accordingly it does not include much water, but including the water filter allows safe water to be obtained from other sources.

  • I have extensively tested these items in all weather conditions including heavy rain and gales. 

Basic items to survive the first 12 - 24 hours accounting for adverse weather

Miscellaneous items

Escape tools 

The tools listed below are specialist items and can be replaced with a cheap pry bar or other items that suit your specific needs

Emergency equipment in our vehicles to stay warm in bad weather or delayed getting home

Survival reflect tent - $28.76

SOL escape bivvy - $120 - mini waterproof breathable sleeping bag.  Great kit works well - reusable

Compact inflatable mattress - $100 including shipping - Compact - light weight - comfortable

Panasonic radio - under $50

Powerall Deluxe - Portable power bank for recharging smart phones or jump starting your car $220

Hard hat 

Heavy jacket

Change of clothes

Additional food and water 

Fire extinguisher

First aid


Water purification and storage - my pick would be the 10 l containers - large mouth - stack-able  

Trusted suppliers

Survive-It Ltd supply a full range of emergency equipment and flood protection

First Aid Training – Life Care Consultants

Top gear - Quality knives and axes

Gearshop - Quality camping accessories


Here are 2 torches I recommend and use on a daily basis. I have used these for the past 18 months - they have had hard use -  been dropped and gone through the washing machine and still work flawlessly

Top pick - Info and buy here. Olight SR 1 Baton – 0.5 to 900 lumen Run time 15 days on 0.5 lumen down to 50 minutes on max setting. Although not a head torch it can easily clip onto a cap to be used as a head torch

Info and buy here Olight H1R Nova - 2 – 600 Lumen (head torch and hand held) Run time 6 days on 2 lumen down to 80 minutes on 600 Lumen

Great features

  • Compact – rugged - waterproof

  • 4 brightness settings

  • Massive run time on low settings

  • Very bright setting if needed

  • Strobe function

  • Flat tail cap allows then to stand upright

  • Magnetic base very useful

  • USB recharging

  • Belt clip and lanyard


The S1 Baton and H1 Nova are not rechargeable – make sure you select the SR1 Baton or HR1 Nova for rechargeable versions.

They function with the supplied CR123R (rechargeable) and the standard CR123A disposable batteries.  These batteries are not cheap so would recommend extra cost to buy the rechargeable torches.


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