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Home & Family preparedness

Emergency planning links updated June 2020 – please advise if links are not working.

Note :

  • We do not sell or make any commission on the products listed.  Prices are an indication only and are likely to change over time.

  • The apps and equipment are a personal preference.

  • Products have been tested in adverse conditions

  • They are robust and fit for purpose.

  • Trade Me or eBay supply great used items - particularly expensive items like Gore-Tex

  • Contact us with questions or suggestions 

  • Prices are a rough guide

Prepare your home and family

Escape a fire in your home - virtual reality tool - must see

Make a plan

Household planning PDF

Earthquake sensing cupboard latches - $17.50

Emergency plan for pets

Emergency equipment and supplies for your home

How to earthquake strengthen your home

Check your foundations to quake strengthen your home

CD audio alert sound


Simple walk home bag solution 


Top tip - Buy quality second hand or include unused items you already own to keep costs down.


  • Small backpack - spray with waterproofing Nikwax 
  • Decent shoes, socks and jacket
  • Medication
  • Power Cap - hat with head torch under $25 from Bunnings
  • 2 x 600 ml pump water bottles
  • Corporate Airline Travel Kit - $99  contains many of the items listed in my walk home kit below is cheaper than purchasing items individually
  • Emergency food - portable long lasting affordable




  • Avoid cotton clothing for emergency use.  You are very likely to get hypothermia if is gets wet.
  • Do not use dynamo crank torch/radio combos.  They are unreliable.
  • Avoid muesli bars or snack bars.  They do not have a long shelf life or have been eaten by the kids.


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