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Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety Services

Fire is a significant sudden onset hazard requiring a rapid coordinated response to ensure life safety. Our training and trail evacuation services are  designed for all team members and Wardens to confidently evacuate under duress.

Compliance Solutions

Training improves life safety and helps management comply with their “Duty to provide training” under HSWA 2015.

Warden training in conjunction with All Staff Fire Safety Training meets the Fire Emergency NZ requirement for and Emergency Training Program. This applies to organisations with transient population such as Hotels and Hostels or those not able to conduct trial evacuations. This including rest homes, call centres, hospitals etc.

Our services include:

  • Managed trial 6 monthly trial evacuations - Major Centers
  • Onsite Warden training in conjunction with trial evacuations
  • Online Warden Training
  • All staff online - Fire Safety Training

All staff online - Fire Safety Training

Non-Warden fire safety training tends to be ad hoc or limited to induction training. This can leave team members vulnerable and unsure what to do in an emergency as many tend to rely on Wardens for instruction. With Covid restrictions several Fire Wardens may be working from home potentially leaving vulnerable team members without clear direction.


Online Warden Training

Our online course content is an adaptation of workshop style training being delivered to multiple Government clients and NZ Bus nation-wide.

Training divided in into three modules.

  1. Introduction to fire safety – 15 Minutes online
  2. Warden specific duties – 15 minutes online.
  3. Practical tasks to apply your knowledge to your worksite and practice taking a leadership role to transfer your learning to your team. – 60 minutes.


Next step

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements to develop a customised service proposal. Thank you for your consideration.