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Online training


Earthquakes are recognised by WorkSafe NZ as a workplace hazard. Workers are anxious about Covid 19 with a heightened safety awareness and an increased appetite for safety training.

Traditional training delivery creates issues juggling staff calendars which can result in a large number of staff not receiving training.


Our cost-effective online training provides vital information to keep staff safe and help management comply with their “Duty to provide training” under HSWA 2015.

This platform is ideal for staff working from home and mitigates the logistics of social distancing for training delivery in a meeting room.

Training summary

In response to client feedback, training is divided into four convenient 10 – 15 minute parts which provides flexibility to the individual learner and client operational requirements. Key elements throughout include situational awareness and personal responsibility. See appendix A for more detail.

Training covers:

  • Part 1 - Considered response
  • Part 2 - Earthquake and Tsunami response
  • Part 3 - Safest walk home route planning
  • Part 4 - Priority survival items

 Press play to view Part 1 as a free sample